японская пагода в майнкрафт


Pagoda [Tutorial]


Back when I applied to be an architect for a server, one of the build options was a Pagoda. Ever since then I’ve been pretty obsessed with building them. Anyway, here’s another tutorial:

First, start with a square outline with spaces to show where future windows will be. For this Pagoda, I made 3 block wide windows.

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Next, extend out the porch and add some stairs. Stone Stairs were used to add some detail to the outer wall.

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Then add some fences. These are probably my favorite object to detail Pagodas with.

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Next are the walls. Use stairs and/or fence to make intricate wooden windows. Glass can also be used for a more modern look. There’s a lot of interesting variations you can make for these windows. Try experimenting with them until you find one that you like.

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Next is the roof. Here I made the top layer one row of red wool, second layer one row of red wool, and final layer two rows of black wool.

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Don’t forget to create the Pagoda’s signature roof style by folding up the corners.

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I know, the black wool is pretty hard to see. Here’s the design again in a more visible color:

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Extend the walls some more, and add some more windows. Here I went with a new window design to make the bottom floor more distinguished. If a ceiling and floor are placed away from each other, the stone layer makes a perfect space for redstone lighting.

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Add then on the second roof.

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And repeat until you’re happy with the height of your pagoda. I’m just going to end it at the third floor since this is only a tutorial.

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For the final roof, continue to fill it in with a single row of blocks for each level. If you want, you can also let the slope of the roof increase. Both ways come out pretty nicely for this building. For this pagoda, I’ll use a more curved slope style.

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You can add a final top piece made out of fence. The new End Rods also work fairly well for this.


Don’t forget to add in a central support beam


As well as floors. If you’re building this survival, you may want to do this step earlier to avoid falling to your death. I also added a simple spiral stairway. Because of the windows, it’s easier to keep the stairway closer to the center of the building.


Finally, add some final details to the outside. You can give the roof some support beams, add more fence work, and add lights, either hanging from the corner of the roof or on the walls of the pagoda.


And that’s it, you’ve completed your very own pagoda structure!


You can test out other material combinations and edit the building style. Here are some of my past pagodas you can use for inspiration:


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