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Super Battleship Yamato
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Yamato model


Yamato s

Eye color dark-brown (manga);
blue (anime) Hair color brown (manga);
black (anime) Attire Ballgowns (Yamato), Casual Clothing (Kotono Amaha) Type «Fleet of Fog» Yamato-class battleship Displacement 72,000 tons Length 263 m Beam 38.9 m Draft 11 m Maximal Speed more than 75 knots Armament Photon cannons;
high-angle lasers;
Super-Graviton Cannon;
missile launchers
depth charges
Mirror-Ring System Wave-Force Armor yes

Yamato is the Supreme Flagship of the «Fleet of Fog», and one of the two Super Battleships of the Fog. In the anime, she met a human, Shouzou Chihaya, who wanted the Humans and the Fog to live in peace which each other. Like her sister, Yamato also refers to Shouzou as Father.


Super Battleship Yamato

Yamato is the «Fleet of Fog» reincarnation of the WWII Yamato-class Super Battleship Yamato and is the Supreme Flagship of the «Fleet of Fog». She has at least one sister, Super Battleship Musashi. Her other sister, Shinano, has been mentioned, but so far we don’t know what she looks like.

At the moment, Yamato and her sister Musashi are two largest known vessels within the «Fleet of Fog». And among the largest known vessels in the series; only Hakugei (3) nuclear submarine with cruising module is bigger than them and it is unlikely that this will change anytime soon.

Yamato has white and blue color scheme with gold cannons in anime.

As a Super Battleship, Yamato is in possession of the most powerful weaponry available to the «Fleet of Fog». These include over two hundred Photon cannons, multiple missile launchers, high-angle lasers, 32 Super-Graviton Cannons and 24 Torpedo tubes (12 in the bow and 10 in the stern) Regardless of that fact, Yamato is armed with enough weapons to wipe the islands of Japan from the map entirely. It is also assumed that she has unprecedented processing power as it only consumed 2% of her processing power to create a Mental Model for Yukikaze, while Repulse had used close to a quarter of hers to do the same for Vampire, which noticeably worse results.

Yamato is also supposed to have one of the most powerful Wave-Force armors within the «Fleet of Fog», but since she is yet to actively participate in any battles (only the end result of her clash with Musashi had been shown), it is impossible to verify this. Yamato also possesses a Mirror-Ring system, which is capable of catching and redirecting away a single attack of practically any power level.

Mental Models

Super Battleship Yamato has two Mental Models, both of whom had made their appearance in the manga. Due to how those Mental Models had made their appearances on the manga pages, for a long time, it was believed that Yamato had only one Mental Model.


Yamato 01

Superbattleship Yamato’s first Mental Model

This Mental Model is Yamato’s known to her subordinates and has the name matching the name of the vessel. She appears as a girl in her late teens with long brown hair and deep brown eyes. She’s always seen in some sort of a dress or a dressing gown, most often pink in color. She also has a matching pink bow in her hair.

Yamato is regal, calm, soft-spoken and is indeed acting in the ways befitting the leader of the «Fleet of Fog». She is rather laid-back and kind to her subordinates. Also, she appears to never seek confrontation; however, that doesn’t mean she cannot or will not fight back. Yamato is powerful, even as a Mental Model, capable of taking on Takao’s Mental Model without even exerting herself. In the anime, Yamato wears a white dress, white long gloves, and a white bow in her hair. Her eyes are deep blue and her hair is black.

Yamato’s hobbies are unknown but she comments that she likes meditating underwater in the tranquility of the sea.

Kotono Amaha


Kotono Amaha, Super Battleship Yamato’s second Mental Model.

This is the second Mental Model of the Super Battleship Yamato and the one that rarely appears in public. Battleship Hyuuga, despite being a fleet flagship at one point, never saw her (or at least she never revealed she did). Only I-400, I-402, and much later, Takao, are confirmed to have good knowledge about her. Kongou and Nagato only know her as the other Yamato.

Kotono is identical to Yamato in her appearance, but their clothes differ. Kotono is seen in a variety of attires ranging from gardener’s clothes to a copy of the Japanese Maritime Institute of Technology’s uniform.

Unlike Yamato, Konoto is cheerful, bubbly, and likes to chat. She also has a wicked mind and a sharp tongue to match it. From the looks of it, this Mental Model is the mastermind behind all of Yamato’s schemes.

Kotono appears to like gardening and has a small garden, which gives some fruits, on the ship’s deck. She also likes fashion with I-400 and I-402 often falling prey to her bouts of designing clothes. The same fate befell Takao too when the tsundere heavy cruiser was on board the Super Battleship.

This Kotono Amaha was also the girl that was Gunzou’s classmate and crush in the Japanese Maritime Institute of Technology. In Manga Chapter 54.5 it is shown that during her presence there she for some reason she could not recall her memories as the ship of the «Fleet of Fog» and was visited by the Admiralty Code. Whenever she fell asleep she woke up on her ship-body inside her other Mental Model either suppressing the original personality or being allowed to do so. She also lacked the intuitive control of her ship-body and which resulted in the accidental shot from her Photon Cannons.

Manga Chapter 116 reveals that Kotono Amaha was retrieved by Yamato in 2054 to serve as the Fog’s superordinate program in the event of the Admiralty Code’s disappearance. Why she was chosen and whether or not she is still human remains a mystery.


In 2039, Yamato vanished during the Great Naval Battle for reasons unknown. Her first known reappearance was on May 1st, 2054 at Facility No. 4 where she accidentally started the fire that claimed half the students who were there. The purpose she was there was to retrieve a girl named Kotono Amaha to use her as the Fog’s new superordinate program in the event that the Admiralty Code has vanished for 100 years. Kotono went along willingly and Yamato made her first Mental Model by copying Kotono’s physical appearance. Both would leave the facility but not before covering the casualties with nanomaterial to revive them at a later date. Yamato reappears to the Fleet of Fog with a Mental Model and disseminates the program to the rest of the Fleet of Fog, allowing them to form their own Mental Models.

For a long time, Yamato is a passive player. She does some scheming, a lot of which is centered around I-401 and Gunzou Chihaya, which makes her less trustworthy by the other Fleet of Fog ships but all of her plans are being brought to reality through her subordinates. Yamato doesn’t appear to hate humans and is even assisting Gunzou from behind the scenes.

Like many other vessels within the «Fleet of Fog», Yamato is looking for the Admiralty Code.

In Manga Chapter 48, Yamato is seen authorizing and creating a Mental Model for one of the destroyers that accompany her: Yukikaze. This was done because she needed something done and I-400 and I-402 were away on their missions, which couldn’t be intermittent. In order for Yukikaze, a destroyer, to have a Mental Model, Yamato had to share 2% of her own computational power with her.

During Kongou’s fleet’s battle against I-401, after Hyuuga’s attack on Hiei, Yamato ordered Yukikaze to collect Union cores of both battleships.

Around the time I-401 is fighting against Kongou’s fleet, Yamato infiltrates Yokosuka city, probably to be closer to the events that are going to take place there.

In Manga Chapter 100, Yamato is shown to be in the ruins of Facility No. 4 in front of a nanomaterial tree, preparing what she calls ‘fruits’ that collect information from the preserved bodies of the Facility No. 4 Fire casualties. In Chapter 115, she invites Japan’s three Prime Ministers to the Facility and explains the Fire’s origins to them in Chapter 116.


In the movie Cadenza, at the beginning of the movie, Yamato is seen fighting Musashi and a horde of Nagara-class cruisers. She appears to have «turned off» all the Nagara light cruisers. Musashi then confronted Yamato, dubbing the latter disobedient towards Admiralty Code, in which she cries over. Musashi opened her Super Gravity Cannon and aimed it at Yamato, implying she will sink her.

Yamato activates her Mirror-Ring to avoid the impact. As the Cannon is sucked in the Mirror-Ring, the clouds splits. Musashi propels herself to Yamato, causing a contact impact. Musashi destroys Yamato’s Klein Field with a laser beam hidden underneath the tip of her vessel. She then relentlessly attacks Yamato in close range combat.

Yamato’s vessel is destroyed by the seconds as Musashi continuously attacks. The Mirror-Ring is disabled, and Musashi fired her Super Gravity Cannon to Yamato. An utter defeat to the Flagship Yamato, following a huge explosion from Yamato’s destroyed vessel. At the last minutes as her mental model is drowned, she somewhat transfers her core to an unknown fog submarine, which could probably be I-401. In the final battle of Cadenza, Iona decides to become one with Yamato, the submarine I-401 merges with the wreckage of the Super Battleship, Iona emerges from the ocean, she uses the Mirror-Ring System to redirect Musashi’s Super-Graviton cannons back to her. The two battleships engage in a Photon Cannon duel side by side. Later, Yamato decides to forgive Musashi and she will accept her in her heart. An enraged Musashi activates her Mirror-Ring System and SGC against Yamato, the latter is swallowed by Musashi’s Mirror-Rings. Yamato activates her Mirror-Ring System once again and reappears above Musashi, she concentrates her 32 SGCs in one Single Shot that deactivates Musashi’s Klein Field, this results in both Yamato/Iona and Musashi sinking.


Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio


Поиск персонажей

Gunzou Chihaya (Silver King)

1131 1533791892

Капитан подводной лодки I-401. Обладает блестящим умом, и, как правило, хладнокровен. Раздражается, только когда люди говорят о его возрасте.

1131 1533791893

Главная героиня истории — персонифицированное воплощение(ментальная модель) крейсера туманного флота или просто туманник. Получила задание от «высшего руководства» верно следовать за Гунзо. Если поначалу она казалась бездушной программой, то длительный контакт с людьми постепенно начал развивать в ней новую личность. Также в честь нее команда Гунзо получила название Голубая Сталь(цвет корпуса Ионы — голубой).

1131 1533791895

Одна из членов экипажа подводной лодки I-401. Отвечает за двигатели и систему подводной лодки.

1131 1533791900

Нынешний премьер-министр децентрализованной столицы Токио.

1131 1533791896

Один из членов экипажа Гунзо на борту I-401.Отвечает за оружейные системы.

1131 1533791907

Линкор туманного флота. В схватке с командой «Голубой стали» терпит сокрушительное поражение, потеряв все, кроме своего ядра, в котором хранится личность кораблей флота. Чтобы спасти девушку, Харуна вселяет Киришиму в тело плюшевого медведя.

1131 1533791905

Флагман Первого Восточного Флота Тумана. Выступает в качестве антагониста. Сначала показана холодной и бездушной. Ревностно следует «кодексу адмиралтейства» — правилам некоего высшего руководства, которым следуют все «туманники» с самого «рождения». Долгое время отрицает такой феномен, как человеческие чувства, и сама не замечает, как попадает в их капкан, став одержимой ненавистью к Ионе. Конго стала всё ревностнее отрицать, что является одинокой, и даже из-за своих резких действий, побуждённых ненавистью, была отстранена от своей обязанности.

После поражения от Ионы признаёт, что чувствовала себя одинокой, и решает дружить с ней, оставаясь, однако, независимой.

1131 1546993484

Котоно Амаха была подругой детства Чихая Гунзо и Со Орибэ, они вместе поступили в Японский Национальный Морской Технологический Институт. Официально она умерла во время пожара в объекте № 4, но ее тело так и не было найдено.

Является второй ментальной моделью суперлинкора Ямато, посланной для изучения людей.

1131 1533791904

1131 1533791908

Находится под командованием Конго. Игрива, смотрит на всё через «розовые очки» и любит играть на музыкальных инструментах.

1131 1533791910

Суперлинкор класса «Ямато». Вместе с Шозо Чихайя командует Алым Флотом

1131 1533791901

Влиятельный член японского парламента, главный кандидат на пост следующего премьер-министра Центральной Японии. Бывший капитан японского военно-морского флота, который принимал участие в морском сражении против туманного флота в 2039 году, потерпев тотальное поражение. Заинтересован в том, чтобы корабль Ионы вошёл в японский военный флот, но Гунзо не поддерживает эту идею. Для достижения своих целей готов пойти на грязные методы. Плохой дипломат, относится ко всем «туманникам» без исключения, как к машинам-монстрам, которые должны быть стёрты с лица земли.

1131 1533791902

Помощник секретаря Военного министерства. Он нанимал Гунзо и I-401 несколько раз, в том числе защиты SSTO в префектуре Сага, и последним заказом была доставка прототипа резонансной торпеды в США. Его можно считать союзником Гунзо, в верхних эшелонах японского правительства.

Корабль Штурма и Поражения Туманного Флота. Находится в подчинении Ямато. Ни разу не показывался(был показан разговор ментальной модели Ямато с ней).

1131 1533791899

Член команды «Голубой стали», правая рука Гунзо. Всегда носит маску на лице, так как утверждает, что страдает сильной аллергией.

Toujuurou Osakabe (Valentine Lawrence)

1131 1533791903

Заботился о Макиэ Осакабэ пока она жила в особняке Осакабэ в Йокосуке. Он также является создателем «спроэктированных детей».

1131 1533791906

Линкор туманного флота. Носит плащ. Хотя внешне она кажется маленькой девочкой-подростком, это оптическая иллюзия, вызванная её причёской и широким пальто. Харуна, напротив, самая высокая из всех персонификаций и имеет большую грудь. Поначалу не проявляет никаких эмоций, бездушно уничтожая врага, но позже знакомится с Макиэ и привязывается к ней. После того как Макиэ просит Харуну никого больше не убивать, Харуна действительно становится более человечной и теряет волю к убийствам. Позже решает защищать Макиэ и помогать «Голубой стали».

1131 1533791898

Марури Хибики бывшая одноклассница Гунзо и первая оператор сонара I-401. Через некоторое время после битвы с линкором Хьюгом она покинула Голубую сталь и вернулась в Йокосуку. Сейчас она занимает звание прапорщика и служит на Хакугее, действуя в качестве консультанта по Туманному Флоту, его технике и тактике.

1131 1533791894

Бывший линкор туманного флота. Вступила в «Голубую сталь» ради Ионы, в которой не чает души. Оснащает Иону гравитационными пушками.

1131 1533791897

Член команды «Голубой стали», оператор сонара на корабле и хороший стратег. Известно, что она была в Тайване.

1131 1533791911

Отец Гунзо, был героем войны во время последнего сражения между ВМФ ООН и флотом Тумана, где он и его команда сумели захватить подводную лодку И-401. Долгое время считалось, что он умер, но был обнаружен на Туманном Флоте, и впоследствии стало ясно, что он перешёл на их сторону и управляет европейским туманным флотом, более известным как «Алый флот».

1131 1533791909

Суперлинкор класса «Ямато». Так же, как и Мусаши, является верховным флагманом Туманного флота.



Superbattleship Musashi
Mental Model (anime) Mental Model (anime) | Mental Model (manga) Mental Model (manga) | Vessel Vessel

Musashi anime portrait

Musashi mm

Yamato s

Type «Fleet of Fog» Yamato-class battleship Displacement 74,000 tons Length 263 m Beam 36.9 m Draft 10.86 m Maximal Speed 80 knots Armament Photon cannons;
Super-Graviton Cannon;
missile launchers;
depth charges; Mirror-Ring System Wave-Force Armor yes

Musashi is a superbattleship of the»Fleet of Fog». She’s also the flagship of the «Scarlet Fleet» division led by Shouzou Chihaya.


Superbattleship Musashi

Musashi is the «Fleet of Fog» reincarnation of the WWII Yamato-class superbattleship Musashi and is the flagship of the «Scarlet Fleet». She has at least one sister, superbattleship Yamato, who is the supreme flagship of the «Fleet of Fog». It’s unknown whether her other sister, Shinano, whose prototype never entered service, will make her appearance as well.

Musashi has blue and orange color scheme in anime.

As a superbattleship, Musashi is in possession of the most powerful weaponry available to the «Fleet of Fog». These include multiple Photon cannons, missile launchers, high-angle lasers and, undoubtedly, a high-power Super-Graviton Cannon. And, unlike normal battleships, Musashi can fire it in several independent shots. It’s not clear whether Musashi has torpedo tubes or not, however.

Musashi is also supposed to have one of the most powerful Wave-Force armors within the «Fleet of Fog», but since she is yet to participate in any battles, it’s impossible to verify this. Musashi also has a Mirror-Ring system, which is capable of catching and redirecting away a single attack of practically any power level.

As a superbattleship, she possesses powerful computational processing power akin to her sister ship Yamato. But with her human crew controlling around 40% of her equipment, she is able to focus more on other processes, thus improving her overall performance.

Mental model

Superbattleship Musashi has one Mental Model. She appears as a girl in her early teens with almost white hair. it was revealed in Cadenza that Musashi’s eyes are red as she appears to be very prone to open them when she is with Yamato.

In manga she is seen wearing either white fur coat with white fur hat, or a white dress with a bow in her hair. In anime, on the other hand, she is depicted wearing black sleeveless shirt, extremely-short black shorts and black boots with stockings. Either way, a flower of some sort is always present, either attached to her hat, or onto that hair-bow.

Musashi appears to possibly have an interest in golf. She is seen on her own bridge wearing a polo shirt and a transparent visor (common golfing attire) and carrying a putter.

In Cadenza movie, Musashi was shown to be very shy and, perhaps, somewhat afraid of humans back when Yamato was still around. Following the death of Chihaya Shouzou at the hands of the humans who disagreed with his decision of negotiating peace with the «Fleet of Fog», Musashi abandons that personality in favor of the one we know her with. She nevertheless creates and maintains a nano-material clone of her father to gain strength from.

Apparently a ship of Musashi’s power is normally expected to have more than one mental model. Corroborated by the fact that only one mental model has ever been seen, Lexington speculated that Musashi is responsible for operating the U-2501’s Mirror-Ring system defense, as the submarine’s own Union core could not possibly have provided enough computational power to handle a system intended for a superbattleship.

So far Musashi has been a passive player and has done nothing more that being Shouzou Chihaya’s moving base of operations. Despite this, she is still a flagship with at least two major vessels under her command: U-2501 and Milchkuh (sunk) submarines. Capital Ship Bismarck is either allied or a subordinate to Musashi.

In the DC OVA Musashi seems to have slightly different role. She hosted the mental models of the Myokou sisters on her deck during their broadcast on the human’s network. She supposedly spoke for Yamato and may be second in command of the entire Fleet of Fog, although she still called Shouzou Chihaya «Father».


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Суть проста! Берём 3Д движок средней паршивости, обзываем волновую пушку гравитонной, волновой двигатель форсажем, волновой щит полем кляйна, а нейтрализатор радиации. ну, допустим, пульсирующей торпедой! Всё ещё слишком похоже на Ямато, спросите вы? Ничего страшного! Ведь это не линкор, а субмарина, и вообще мы по морю плаваем, а не по космосу! Всё равно плагиат, да? На ямато, да? И по боку, что ямато тоже японский, да? Ой, да ладно вам! Мацумото со своим другом были гениями, а мы всего лишь занюханная никому ничем не известная студия Санзиген, нам, убогим, можно! Детишек то тоже надо кормить. Авось, хоть они что-нибудь стоящее родят.

И да, не смотрите на жанры НФ и романтика. У нас, на ридманге, эти жанры какой-то наркоман раздаёт. Даже ниндзь богомерзкий теперь «психология».


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