Wizard101: MAX LEVEL MYTH PvP (130): Giveaway Winner Announced!

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Glass cannon myth PvP is really good below about 1000 rank but when you reach overlord it becomes a struggle because of how powerful ice and fire are. I can't wait to test out more resist combos and see how that works at higher rank!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the giveaway! More of them to come in the future. I think I'll do some kind of giveaway or special event for each 1k subs milestone on youtube till 10k so stay tuned for more of that!

Myth is probably the most balanced school at max level and is still very powerful if you use the right setup. Glass cannon is very effective at lower rank but when you get to warlord and higher, the queue is dominated by fires mostly and a good bit of ices so you need to run ward to stay competitive.

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