Vola's new EU Store gives YOU a killer deal!

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Vola guitars are awesome, but they could be hard to until NOW!
The just opened a new EU webstore that care of all the import hassles and even gives YOU a kick ass 10% off with just my name! How cool is that? And if you use my name I get some money even better!
There axes were easy to recommend before but now it is even less of a no brainer!
Use code HENNING to save 10% on your next Vola Guitar!

Gear from this video at Sweetwater:
Here is tons of stuff I use in my

Current LIMITED TIME Deals:

Here are some links to
Tone King Sky King

Two Notes

CIOKS DC7 Power Supply

Universal Audio Ox

My voice recorded with:

Everything hangs on

My interface: Apollo X4

here is a link to the AMPETE switcher:


Here is my Reverb shop!

Link to my Patreon account:

Find seriously different sweaters

Use Coupon Code "EytschPi" for 20% OFF

Stuff I

Apollo x4:

Universal Audio OX:

Apollo Twin X:

My sliders:
SliderONE v2 -
HeadONE -
SliderPLUS -
HeadPLUS -
Edelkrone Main Page -

"Make sure to pick up a digital copy of my entire discography, both published and unpublished, at "
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