Venom Gambler Short Course Truck Sizzle 2011

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The Venom GAMBLER was designed for the popular 2WD short course racing class modeled after the full-scale LOORRS (Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series) racing trucks. Designed from the ground up, the GAMBLER represents the latest in race truck design plus a new feature unique to the Venom GAMBLER ... the Venom MORdrive system. Now you can adjust the center of gravity on the fly in the pits by changing the rear transmission position from mid-motor to rear motor. The MORdrive system allows you to fine tune the weight balance and tailor the GAMBLER to the track conditions to take the competition by surprise! The Truck is Ready-to-Run, including 7-Cell NiMH battery and charger and is available in both brushed motor and brushless motor versions with Waterproof ESC. For more information visit our website
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