TU Delft - Making Good Policy Decisions Through Participatory Value Evaluation (PVE)

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Imagine you are the boss of an organization, a local politician or the prime minister of your country. You want to make good decisions right? To come to a good decision, it is important to know what the preferences of your people are. Obtaining people’s input is possible through: surveys, focus groups or town hall meetings. However, such methods often provide only limited information or they are time-consuming.

Scientists from Delft University of Technology have now developed a new advanced method to investigate the preferences of larger groups of people on government decisions. This method is called Participatory Value Evaluation, in short PVE.

This short movie explains the methods’ main participation and policy evaluation features and showcases how it was applied with 30,000 Dutch citizens to advise their government on lifting COVID-19 lockdown measures.

If you want to learn more about PVE, please check out
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