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After Bryan Flynn revealed the Super7 Thundercats ULTIMATES Wave 1 major issues with Panthro and Jackalman last year with Lion-O and Mumm-Ra. Super7 has announced in their latest update the promised fixes for these issues with the ThunderCats ULTIMATES Wave 1 Replacement Parts Booster Pack Booster Pack.

Mega Jay Retro discusses the new Super7 Thundercats Ultimates update and how Super7 fixed the Panthro and Jackalman Ultimates figures with the ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Replacement Parts Booster Pack, and full details on how to get your Booster Pack from Super7.

Watch the full ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Wave 1 Update - Replacement Parts Booster Pack video:

Read the full ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Wave 1 Replacement Parts Booster Pack Blog Post:

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