The Yang Family Taiji Four Sticking Spears - Online Course

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Learn the traditional Taiji spear training of the Yang-family.
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This online program created by Liang Dehua focuses on the traditional Yang-family Four Sticking Spears training, helping you recognize the importance of Taiji spear training and develop authentic Taiji weapon skills through its structured syllabus. You will learn the solo and partner spear training exercises and specific practices using the long pole to develop Gong Li and increase your internal power.

• An open mind and willingness to learn the traditional Taijiquan weapon training of the Yang-family
• The ability to listen and follow instructions

Who this course is for:
• Martial artists (all levels)
• Taijiquan / Tai Chi practitioners
• Kung fu practitioners

What you’ll learn:
• History of Taijiquan spear training
• Gong Li exercises to develop and increase internal power
• Exercises to develop footwork and stepping
• Four sticking spears solo exercises
• Four sticking spears partner exercises
• Four sticking spears two-person set
• Applications using sticking skills with a spear
• Taijiquan / Tai Chi Chuan weapon training

Click the link to take this course:
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