THE MOST WANTED - MM Hunter PvP (WoW Shadowlands Pre-Patch 9.0)

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The comments said more Kotmogu, so here is more Kotmogu!!

I'm starting to enjoy BG's with no healer, as sometimes it feels like it comes down to what healers can support (survive) a big groups assault while also healing their group that wins the game, especially if one healer is undergeared or no good.

Intro - Pre-Game (Gear Check / Talents) 00:00
Lets Go! (PvP Gameplay) TBA
Scoreboards (Kills / Deaths / Honourable Kills / Objectives) TBA

If you like this breakdown- style of video, be sure to show some love and also request any other talent comparisons in the comments below.

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This MENVCE Gaming Walkthrough will use text commentary only, no audio commentary. This text commentary style is ideal for those who are hearing impaired or who seek a distraction free gaming experience.

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