Star Citizen [4K] Space Combat Flight Guide XXL, successful in PvE combat

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In this in-depth gameplay comparison test of Alpha , we compare the category of dedicated light fighters.
In various areas, we draw the most objective comparison possible in order to be able to make recommendations.

We make recommendations for a wide variety of playing styles, but this is a very personal decision and this comparison test should help you.

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My gaming equipment ( affiliate):
Processor Ryzen 9 5900x:
MSI RTX3090 graphics card:
CPU AiO Artic Liquid Freezer:
Housing fractal:
Mainboard Gaming-X:
Power pack Thermalthake PF1 850w:
Screen 2 Asus ROG UWQHD:
Screen 1 Asus ROG 4K:
Hotas setup:
Roccat BurstPro mouse:
Mouse pad:
Roccat Vulcan Pro keyboard:
Micro Blue Yeti X:
Sennheiser HD599 headphones:
Gaming armchair:

0:00 start
0:05 The XXL space combat flight guide for PvE
0:50 Part 1 Modular & Basic Flight System
3:11 The goal of the guide, no more "tough" opponents
4:15 Our flight recommendation level 1
5:11 Level 2, decoupled flight system
6:05 level 3, decoupled
8:56 part 2, extended flight system
8:30 part 3, the complete flight system
9:30 Limits as a Solo Pilot & Dedicated Combat Ships
10:28 ERT missions, solo not very profitable
11:13 Conclusion & giveaways & the best patreons / channel members!

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