Stamina Nightblade PVE Build (91k+) - DW/Bow - Stonethorn - Elder Scrolls Online ESO

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This is a Stamina Nightblade Build and Rotation for use in Stonethorn.

Massive thank you to Rosskag, who has provided us with the video and the details below.
His channel here:


Shown here:
Monster Helm - Maarselok
- Relequen (Body)
- Advancing Yokeda (Front bar and jewellery)
- Master Bow (Back bar)
- 3 Bloodthirsty

Other gear that is perfectly suitable for different situations/builds include
Monster Helm - Selene, Velidreth, Domihaus
- Lokkestiiz, New Moon Acolyte, Tzogvin, Leviathan (Body), Briarheart
Back Bar - MA Bow, BRP dual-wield


Race used: Orc
Alternatives (none quite as good): Dunmer, Redguard, Khajiit


Mundus: Shadow


Blue CPs for Practicing on the Dummy
- Master-at-Arms 66
Thaumaturge 37, Piercing 55, Precise Strikes 56, Mighty 56

Blue CPs in Raid:
The number of points into piercing depends on several factors that may or may not be present in your group, therefore you could try and calculate this yourself since it's hard to give a universal recommendation. Any Blue CP left over as a result of taking out from Piercing, can feasibly go anywhere - just try to hit those breakpoints.

Main considerations:
Tremorscale: -2395 Physical Penetration
Sorcerer Spammable: -1000 Physical Penetration
Precise Weapon instead of Sharpered +1638 Physical Penetration
Alkosh bonus: VARIABLE Physical Penetration

Example CPs:
Weapon Master 72, Physical Weapon Expert 14,
Thaumaturge 48, Piercing 6, Precise Strikes 66, Mighty 64


For Practice on Dummy: Lava Foot + 0 points into HP (64 into Stamina)
In Raid: Lava Foot + ~20 points into HP + 6 Medium / 1 Heavy OR Artaeum Takeaway Broth with 0 points into HP OR Max HP Max Stam Food if sustain is good!


Front Bar - Relentless Focus, Killer's Blade, Surprise Attack, Consuming Trap, Rending Slashes, Ult - Incapacitating Strike
Back Bar - Barbed trap, Arrow barrage, Poison injection, Leeching Strikes, Dark Shades, Ult - Incapacitating Strike



CMX Parse Screenshot -
CMX Build Screenshot -



This is a 10-second rotation - Arrow Barrage, Poison Injection, Rending Slashes and Consuming Trap are each 10 seconds long

The minimum backbar rotation is: Arrow Barrage - Poison Injection. Usually, you will have to apply the Shades and Barbed Trap every other rotation on average.

The minimum front bar rotation is Rending Slashes - Consuming Trap. If you have Bow Procs ready, go for it. The rest of your front bar time should be spent spamming Surprise Attack.

Incap Strike should be used in a timely fashion, to provide you with the maximum burst. To make the most of it, usually, it will be one of the first skill to be used on your front bar. Then follow it up with re-application of your Rending and Soul Trap as soon as possible, if you haven't already, and also fit in as much Surprise Attack and Bow Procs as you can.

For Maarselok, you will need to Bash once every 7 or more seconds to proc its effect.

Static Rotation:

Start (setup and the starting burst):
Dark Shades - Leeching Strikes - Relentless Focus - Barbed Trap

Part 1 (with incap)
Arrow Barrage - Injection
Incap - Rending - Soul Trap - Spam - Spam - Spam - Spam - Spam

Part 2 (without incap)
Arrow Barrage - Injection - Barbed Trap - Dark Shades - Leeching Strikes (if needed)
Rending - Soul Trap - Spam - Spam - Spam - Spam (this last one if you didn't cast leeching)

Spam = Bow Proc or Surprise Attack or refreshing Relentless Focus (every three parts)

At 25%, keep up Arrow Barrage, Poison Injection, Barbed Trap, Dark Shades and spam Killer's Blade. In short fights, aim to have DOTs (and relentless focus, for the new crit damage buff) running one last time, before spamming Killer's Blade until the end.


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