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Meet Mr and Ms-Matched. ❤️

On this episode of Son of Abish Season 8, Abish talks to Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli about friendship, dogs, and cold coffee. Will Rohit's internet survive the show? Will Prajakta and Rohits' friendship survive the cutthroat game segment of Son of Abish? Watch the episode to find out and catch the duo in Mismatched, streaming now, only on Netflix.

Quick Guide:
00:00 Welcome Back!
00:28 Abish Has Trouble Reading
00:59 Great Intro Music By Raxit
01:16 Hello Live Virtual Audience
02:58 Kanan Gill Disciplines Live Audience
05:29 The Son Of Abish Pledge
06:38 And Now For No Reason At Cats
07:44 Prajakta & Rohit In The House!
07:59 Mathew-koli Heavyweight Pun Championship
08:53 Abish Confronts Rohit
09:23 Technical Glitch No. 1 In The House!
09:45 Abish & Buffer Faces
10:59 Technical Glitch No. 2 In The House!
12:00 Rudy & Pishu’s Etymology
13:18 Something About Pee On A Staircase…
15:15 The Cold Truth Behind Cold Coffee
16:50 Dimple & Rishi
18:25 Rohit Does Love Love
19:03 Rohit Was In Ludo Also, Btw
20:58 Prajakta & Scripts She Hasn’t Written Herself
22:10 Game/War Time
27:58 Abish Tie Breaker Mathew
28:19 Rohit Upright Saraf
28:41 Prajakta Betrayed Koli
30:09 Abish Relives His Childhood
30:23 Wait What? One More Round?
32:21 And Now For No Reason At Tip Barsa Pani
32:45 Ok Bye
32:49 Check Out Who Wrote This In The Credits!

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