Smash Ultimate - Chrom Course 1 [ID: PXJJ230Q]

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A hurry up and wait obstacle course designed for Chrom, inspired by the original Smash Bros's board the platforms mini-game and 100 Mario challenge from Mario Maker.

The goal is to reach the purple platform at the end.

Play using these rules:
10 HP
99 stock
Hide damage %
2P set to Jigglypuff (small portrait)

For the best camera view, move 2P to the pink ground in the top right corner.

This course might seem intimidating at first, but I think it's on the easier side once you know what to do. But what to do isn't too obvious, so I'll include a text guide.

Side note, I forgot to adjust the audio, so this video might be quieter than normal.

Section 1 (explosive block gates):

1. Up-B through the bumper to open the gate (the move has super armor), and hold down-right so that you hit the ground when you bounce off of the bumper on the way down.

2. Tech roll to the right, return stick to neutral and jump twice. (you'll hit lava if you hold left when performing the first jump).

3. Tap left when you land and run off of the edge, and immediately air jump ➔ tap stick to the right. Then repeat in the opposite direction. (might be too slow if you try to jump instead of run off air jump).

Section 2 (falling block spring jump):

The block won't spawn if you're within its initial spawn area, so the idea is to wait until it's about to respawn ➔ jump into its spot to delay it ➔ line up with where the spring appears, and Up-B.

Section 3 (diagonal Up-B):

I honestly don't know if this is a bug or not, but Chrom travels horizontally when he uses Up-B against a slanted ceiling. There's an ice block showing when to use Up-B.

Final Section:

Mostly wall tech jumps and being mindful of what part of the bumper you hit. Hold up while teching against the wall to perform a wall tech jump. Also something magical happens if you destroy the top block first.

Name: Chrom Course 1

Music: Prelude (Ablaze)
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