Searching for Diamonds in Grimstone Caves! ▫ Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w07a ▫ Caves & Cliffs Update

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Minecraft has published Snapshot 21w07a, the latest Java Edition snapshot for the Caves & Cliffs Update!

This update improves upon new cave generation, adjusts ore distribution, and introduces Grimstone - a new stone type which appears below Y=0. Diamonds can now be found more frequently in deeper caves, but getting there safely might be a challenge! Ore textures have also changed, and the new Grimstone block has polished, brick, tile, and chiseled variants, along with slabs, stairs, and walls.
There are also changes to Mineshaft generation in larger caves, stronghold generation throughout the world, and access to redstone components in creative mode.

In this video, I explore these features in Survival Minecraft before breaking out Spectator and Creative mode to get an overview of the changes.

There's plenty more to these updates, and you can find the full changelog here:

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