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Here is a video of a new round pve base design. The main difference with this base design is the inside design, we have not included the forge and used dinosaur gates, this space in the middle of the base can be used for anything you wish.

Easy to build with this step by step video!

???? Map - Crystal Isles (Can be any map u wish)

???? Materials:
Stone Foundations X36
Stone Triangle Foundations X90
Stone Fence Foundations X54
Stone Walls X24
Stone Stairs X34
Stone Triangle Ceilings X90
Dinosaur Gateways X24
Reinforced Dinosaur Gates X12
Greenhouse Walls X96
Greenhouse Ceilings X36
Wooden Triangle Ceilings X82
Wooden Ceilings X22
Metal Railings X54

???? Controls

Flip Wall
XBOX (Y Button)
PS4 (Triangle Button)
PC (E Key)

Snap Point Cycle
PS4 (R1)
PC (Q or Z Key)

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???? Music ▼

???? Track 1 - Under The Stars - Squiid

???? Track 2 - Fall - Cospe

???? Track 3 - X I X X - For Love

???? Track 4 - JPB - High

???? Track 5 - Never Gonna Fail - Killrude

???? Track 6 - Ikson - Paradise


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