New World PVP & Duels Compilation - Preview Servers

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The core of Amazon Game Studios' MMO New World is the open world PVP contests between factions. So you know I had PVP flagged on as much as possible while playing.

00:00 - In today's video I put together a compilation of my world PVP encounters. Note that I am not claiming to be the best or explaining a meta as this is the Alpha servers where many changes to the game will follow. But I hope it demonstrates how the PVP works and how much fun it can be.

00:35 - Here's what you need to know to understand the combat: Dodge speed is determined by your equipment. Most players aim for Medium or Heavy armor which results in higher defense but a slower dodge roll. I decided to try out a Light armor build which means I dodge quickly but take more damage.

I also pushed myself to make a ranged build work as it was common to see the Hatchet and Straight Sword in PVP. Melee hits cause a stun on the target. Which can be easily disrupted if you know how. Blocking with no stamina breaks your block but refills your stamina. There are 7 weapons you can choose from, each with their own abilities and you can have multiple equipped that you can swap to.


01:31 - 1v1 Grass Fields
02:28 - 1v2 Hillside
04:12 - 1v1 Grass Fields
05:02 - 1v2 Pirate Beach
06:29 - 1v1 War Hammer Grass Fields
08:23 - 1v1 Farms
09:22 - 1v1 Roadside
10:10 - 1v1 Grass Fields

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