NEW CYBERPUNK 2077 UPDATE Fixes Loot Problem & Takemura Bug - Hotfix 1.11 Cyberpunk News Patch Notes

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New Cyberpunk 2077 update hotfix patch notes for bug fixes in cyberpunk 2077 takemura bug and loot exploit problem with bugs and glitches in cyberpunk 2077 update takemura call and loot exploit bug fixes with new cyberpunk update patch hotfix - FULL patch notes for new cyberpunk 2077 update ps4 ps5 pc xbox one xbox series x today from CDPR CD Projekt Red which addresses more issues. When is the next cyberpunk 2077 patch notes update and coming out? Cyberpunk release date is in february gameplay and this new hotfix from cd projekt red fixes cyberpunk 2077 glitches bugs and is a new hotfix update patch notes. For more cyberpunk 2077 news, secret ending, romance, trailer, review, gameplay ps5 ps4 xbox series x xbox one pc, keanu reeves - sub!
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