My Full Garage UPDATE! Featuring All the Shmeemobiles

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Lots of moving and shaking in the Shmeemobiles recently, so it's time for a full update on what's in my garage and what's coming soon! Let's go over them all while visiting the entire line-up in one day. More Behind the Shmeenes here:

Unusually, all of my cars are currently within reach to visit in one single day, whereas normally we'd find them more spread out perhaps with one or two on the continent and others at service, meaning a great opportunity to give a full update on the current state of play. Kicking off with a run out of town in the AMG G63, the first stop is to FJRS at Mountune who are carrying out a service and final prep on the Red Focus RS before it goes to its new owner.

From FJRS, it's over to Dub Customs for a progress update with the Porsche Taycan Turbo S which is now just about ready to be unleashed in the new Midnight Green with Aurum Gold wheels - stay tuned for that tomorrow! Then it's onwards to reunite with the Aston Martin Vantage GT8 that I last saw myself in Germany a month or so ago before sending it home to be borrowed by my dad, alongside his DB11 that's still going strong.

Next up we're on the road to my Mercedes-Benz dealer where both the AMG GT R Pro and SLS AMG Black Series are in for a service, although we need to transfer over the SLS BS to Mercedes-Benz Brooklands for the rest of the work which means some hot swapping from RHD to LHD - as confusing as it is. Lastly, it's to visit the other cars at Duntbarn, where the McLaren Senna and 675LT Spider, Ford GT and Heritage RS, and AMG GT R Roadster are tucked away for the time being. However, the Senna is coming back home for a little bit of fast paced I cannot wait for this.

However, you're probably also wondering what's on the horizon! A surprise arrival is imminent, followed by my AMG GT Black Series in the next month or two, and then the BMW M3 Competition is due around April 2021. Further afield I still hope to add a Shelby GT500 to the collection although with US borders still closed that's proving a challenge, and then of course the TVR Griffith unfortunately doesn't seem too promising with very little news at the moment.

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A big thanks to FJRS for all their help with my Red Focus RS! They are the new Mountune Pro-dealer, and you can find out more at:

Thanks for watching, Tim

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