Modern Warfare WARZONE: The SURPRISE NEW MAPS of the MID-SEASON UPDATE 1.34... (Season 2 Reloaded)

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So this one was a weird We were expecting an update for Call of Duty: But not quite Modern Warfare. What's even stranger still, Modern Warfare's new offerings may actually outweigh the new offerings of Warzone with Modern Warfare introducing three new multiplayer maps and Warzone only slightly progressing the zombies event. Let's break down what all changed!

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00:00 - Intro
00:56 - Patch Notes Discussion
01:16 - Warzone Changes
02:24 - Weapon & Attachment Adjustments
03:26 - Unmentioned Changes & Additions in Warzone
06:08 - Modern Warfare Secret Map Additions
06:45 - New Map: Killhouse Breakdown
07:23 - New Map: Al-Raab Airbase Breakdown
07:48 - New Map: Drainage Breakdown
08:05 - Is This An Indication of Soap + New Weapons?
08:36 - Update Thoughts & Outro
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