MESSI'S SON WILL NOT BE A FOOTBALLER and that's why! Thiago MESSI is not very good at football!

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MESSI'S SON WILL NOT BE A FOOTBALLER and that's why! Thiago MESSI is not very good at football!

So let's begin! Why doesn't Thiago Messi end up becoming a footballer!? We have 7 reasons why!

1. Is Thiago not passionate enough about football?

Doubts about his son's hobbies were sown by none other but ... Leo Messi himself. In March 2017, Lionel said:

“Thiago doesn't show much interest in football. It can’t be said that he is a fan of Barcelona. But the son of Suarez can’t be parted from the ball, ” the 101 Great Goals portal quotes the captain of Barça and the Argentine national team.

Yes, yes, friends, since 2017, a lot in Thiago's life has changed and he actually became more interested in football, became a true fan of Barcelona, ​​who comes to the stands of Camp Nou and observes all the matches of the team, and even plays at a children's school in Barcelona - in the U-8 team ...

Although, you must admit that this statement of Lionel makes you doubt, because when you are surrounded by so much football from an early age, it is quite suspicious that you are practically not fond of the ball at all ... Even at the age of 5 ... Perhaps the story with Thiago Messi and his passion for football is a bit far-fetched?

Further on - we are about to provide some arguments to our opinion.

2. Thiago's skills are not impressive yet

Friends, frankly speaking, it is worth admitting that while the abilities of Thiago Messi in a football game DO NOT IMPRESS us much! What did he show us in those two games for the Barcelona school that are open to the public on YouTube? By and large, nothing ground-breaking! Yes, he has already delivered several goals, but his pace and technical data still leaves much to be desired, which makes us think - is Thiago taking enough training sessions and does he skip them with the permission of mom and dad?! We think Leo and Antonella will definitely not confess to us!

And how did the first match of FCB Eskola, the team for which Messi Jr. plays - ended up against their peers from La Masia? With a 1-9 defeat! This must include the fact that Milan Pique and Benjamin Suarez played for his team. Somehow it doesn't look like a squad of carriers and future stars, don't you think? ..

3. Thiago doesn't look like the future breakout player of the game

We’re continuing the topic with Thiago's playability skills. So far, everything in it shows him more of a game lover than an incredible talent. One has to watch the same Lionel Messi perform at the age of 8 or 9. There are several video highlights on YouTube that you can use to compare the football development of Thiago Messi and Lionel Messi at the age of 8.

Don't rush to criticize us! We understand that we are comparing the kid with one of the best football players in the history of the game, but still this is the son of Leo Messi, and genetics, as we all know, can do a lot of magic!

Besides, while comparing the games of Thiago and Leo, we come to the conclusion that the eldest son is still significantly inferior to his father ...

How easy it was for Lionel to outrun his peers and how easily he netted the goals! That’s just unbelievable! Thiago can only dream of such a level of play!

You can see right from the spot who has fun, playing PlayStation or with his younger brothers most of the time, and who conquered the streets of Rosario with the ball at his feet ?!

It’s clear: Thiago needs to train more often in order to show more confident results in the upcoming years!

4. Barcelona is too posh for a kid

And again, it seems that Thiago Messi is not even Barcelona's level type of player. Let's clarify - not the level of Barcelona’s school type of player. The club is too big for a kiddo who doesn't show excessive wish to prove himself on the football pitches.

Barcelona is one of the strongest clubs in the world! Subsequently, its school, La Masia, is one of the best football academies!

Won’t Thiago Messi get lost against the background of much gifted peers, because the school of Barcelona brings together the best football players of the city, suburbs and even boys from all over the world, dreaming of receiving their chance in a grand club?

As for that moment it looks like Barcelona is too cool for a guy ...

5. Playing for Barcelona because of connections?

Thiago Messi is enrolled in the Barcelona school through connections. What kind of connections? Of course, to his father's! He performs for the FCB Escola team - a special division of the club school, in which the children of football players and employees of Barcelona play ...

And right here we understand that Thiago might never have played at the Barcelona school, because if he stood out, he would probably have already been taken to the U-8 team of La Masia.

For now this seems more like a light hobby for football, nothing more.

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