Magicka Necromancer 90k+ Pve Build | Stonethorn

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Race: High Elf
Food for Trials: Arteum Pickled Fishbowl
Dummy Food: Ghastly Eye Bowl

Mundus: The Shadow

- Maw of the Infernal
- Siroria (Infused Staff and Bloodthirsty Jewellery)
- Mother Sorrow
- Maelstrom Inferno (Infused)

Blue Cps:
Elemental Expert 64
Elfborn 56
Master at Arms 66
Staff Expert 9
Thaumaturge 72
Piercing 3

Some Skills are not going through in this Test too so u can definitely hit 91/92k but on pts i have to reset so many times because Graveyard or Siphon bugged out if i cast it into a Barswap and stuff.

If u have any Questions feel free to ask in the Ccmments
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