If Minecraft PvP was an Esport...

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Okay I'm sorry for saying "um" so much I just really suck at talking especially when I know there's a lot of ears listening. Anyways I would like to point not just incase someone assumes, I AM NOT getting paid for advertising this server. Any of my old subscribers would know I used to play in this small community and they have been nothing but nice to me and eachother. This is probably the only video I'd ever make like this because it's not my sort of thing but still I'm very grateful for the platform you all have given me so I would appreciate it if you guys can understand why I would want to use it for good causes and help out others. I also want to note, please do not contact me server owners about advertising your server if you see this because I will not do it. This server and community is a family to me, it's just a gift from me to them for their dedication towards their community and not giving up even when things weren't going their way. Anyways thank you if you read all of this and enjoy ♥

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The music used in this video is not mine nor do I claim it. It is only used for entertainment purposes.
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