Gears 5 PVE BS: The End World Record or Nah?

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For the “it’s just a game” crowd, don’t read any further.

Now that we got that out of the way.

I haven’t been this pissed off since I was working the End solo and a mulcher scion shot me while in fear on the helipad. Some of you may have seen that video.

Who do I need to bribe at TC to get a functioning game, I know other teams who score run don’t have to deal with this. Seems like random BS just occurs with us and it’s super annoying. We were cheated out of number 1 spot because of some bullshit Elite Drone is under the map. Not to mention all the non-headshots in Veteran’s ultimate that occurs in the video and throughout this game.

What a piece of shit game, I hate when players cheat but not more than deeply flawed game mechanical issues that should never happen or rarely happen.

Underneath all the bullshit is probably a very good game-you just have to swim deep.

Positives are we can definitely improve our time by a lot based on what we did and we have our strategy down. We just need to run it tomorrow.

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