Final Subscriber Celebration Giveaway - 2020 "Mega Pack"

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This holiday season I want to celebrate my growing community of subscribers!

Subscriber Celebration Mega Pack!
Items in this giveaway will be revealed Wednesdays throughout December 2020.
Check back Thursdays after a “Mega Box” Opening Video for an updated listing.
- Fortnite Panini Trading Card Series 1 "Ice Shard" Holo No. 255 Chomp Sr. Legendary Skin (USA Print)
- Issue #1 of Robert Kirkman's Firepower comic with retailer incentive variant cover
- Cowboys & Aliens Trade Paperback Comic
- Stephen King's Dark Tower sealed Hardcover Tradepaperback
- Set of 4 promo foil Magic the Gathering cards!
- 4 copies of issue #1 of the TMNT/MMPR crossover comic - variant covers featuring each Ninja Turtle holding a Power Ranger helmet!

Thank you for subscribeing! I hope to expand my content in 2021 so stay tuned!
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