ESO PVE Stamina Templar Build 94.2k DPS - Greymoor

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This is an easy static rotation. More detailed info below.
Rotation 00:14
Cmx report 04:03
Build info tab 04:09

Front bar: Power of the Light, Barbed Trap, Biting Jabs, Camouflaged Hunter, Ring of Preservation, Flawless Dawnbreaker
Back bar: Endless Hail, Ritual of Retribution, Barbed Trap, Camouflaged Hunter, Ring of Preservation, Empowering Sweep

ROTATION (LA = light attack):
Buffs before combat: potion, barbed trap
Hail - LA - Ritual - BARSWAP - LA - PoTL - 5x LA+Jabs - LA - PoTL - 5x LA+Jabs - LA - BARSWAP and RESTART
* Use Dawnbreaker as main ultimate. Only use sweep if you are in ececute and cant get another Dawnbreaker
* use Trap on the front bar when it runs out
* If you struggle with sustain you can slot restoring focus on backbar.
* in low execute use POTL if it get it's full duration, otherwise just spam Jabs.

The best gear can change depending on the type of fight.
In the video and most fights: Perfected Relequen, Deadly Strike/Perfected Lokkestiiz, Maelstrom Bow, Selene. (Deadly is better on a dummy and in groups with low synergy uptime, in most raid groups Lokkestiiz will be better)
vMA: Twice Fanged Snake + Vicious Ophidian + Slimecraw
Alternative Setups: Leviathan, Briarheart, Hundings Rage, Velidreth, Stormfist (sustain)
AoE setup: Lokkestiiz + New Moon Acolyte/Deadly + Maelstrom/Master Bow (Jabs, ritual, empowering sweeps or dawnbreaker, repentance instead of potl) For dual wield use Kragh/Velidreth/stormfist with wirling blade as execute
Ranged Bow-Bow: Tzogvin's/Relequen/Lokkestiiz + Master/Maelstrom/Asylum Bow + Velidreth/Slimecraw/Stormfirst (arrow barrage/endless hail, poison injection, lethal arrow, ballista, channeled acceleration, power of the light, ritual)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may also change the Maelstrom Bow (MA) back bar to Double Infused Black Rose Dual Wield (BR). Note this will make your rotation shorter as deadly cloak only lasts 10 seconds. Also BR will only be more damage as your total dps increases, this is due to BR being a % multiplier whereas MA is consistent damage. So: lower DPS go MA, higher dps and minmax go BR.

Crown lethal poisons or double damage health poisons IX on the dual wield bar give the best results for DPS. It will affect your sustain so if you struggle to sustain, go with a poison enchantment on the nirn main hand and an absorb stamina enchantment on the sharpened off hand weapon. Prismatic enchants can go on the sharpened off hand OR you can replace the berserker enchant on your bow, however this patch there is no real difference compared to a non-prismatic setup.

Orc is the best choice for DPS. Alternatives are Redguard, Wood elf, Khajiit, Dunmer and Imperial. Racial choice will affect your dps, food options and sustain: Artaeum Takeaway Broth, Dubious Camoran Throne, Blue max hp & max stamina food. In the videos we use lava foot soup for stamina classes to make them all comparable.

Shadow is the main mundus to go for. Sometimes you might have to swap to Lover like vMA, groups with no alkosh/crusher,...

* If you need a heal, use ring of preservation or replace with vigor if needed
* When you are used to the class, try moving over to a more dynamic rotation as this will increase your dps.

IMPORTANT: The main aim of these videos is to show builds by and for guildies. We don't claim to be the best of the best at what we do, but instead we want to showcase a build to help people learn and progress at a class that they enjoy playing. Because of this we don't adapt our gear or rotations to get a perfect dummy parse, but we show how we would use these classes in actual combat situations: both for absolute beginners and for experienced players.
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