ESO PVE Magicka Dragonknight 97k+ (Markarth) Build and Rotation in Description

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Magicka Dragonknight Iron Atronach Parse (Markarth)
BGM: Starmine 2020

Magicka Dragonknight, similar to StamDk, is a DOT-focused class but the rotation is slightly easier. With all the changes in Markarth, MagDk sustain is still bad and most likely they are going to use sets like Zen+Elfbane to support the group. That being said, MagDk is still fine being a pure DD if your group does not care about that.

CMX parse:

Due to the RIP sustain, I have to cast spell symmetry throughout the parse. Sustain might be better in real fights where healers are using sets like Hollowfang/symphony of blades.

Siroria is used only for easy comparison between classes
In real fights where you cannot maintain Siroria stacks, you might want to consider the following gears

Alternative gear choices:
Perfected False God's Devotion (Best set in most situations for the sustain)
Elemental Succession
Zen's Redress + Elfbane (Support)
Spell Strategist (Single Target, can be purchased from guild traders)

Other viable monster sets include:
Grothdarr (Easiest set to obtain for beginners)
Slimecraw (Solo / without good healer support)
Iceheart (Solo / more survivability)
1pc + 1pc Spell crit monster set for more AOE potential ( Zaan + Iceheart)

Traits and Glyphs:
Body pieces: All divines + Magicka Glyph (1 Health on a big piece if you want 16k health)

Front bar: Precise / Infused / Charge(only if you have sustain issues)
(The higher the DPS, the stronger is Precise, at around 55~60k or above, Precise performs better than infused, also giving more AOE potential) + Flame Enchant

Back bar: Infused + Weapon Damage / Absorb Magicka Enchant depends on your sustain

Jewelry: Bloodthirsty

Beginner's Set-up (CP160):
Julianos + Mother's Sorrow + Any monster Set
But this set up also performs very well without much gear farm

Attributes: 64 Magicka

Engulfing Flames - Burning Embers - Molten Whip - Flames of Oblivion - Inner Light - Shooting Star

Eruption - Unstable wall of elements - Degeneration / Mystic Orb - FLEX - Barbed Trap - Standard of Might

** In the video I am using the heroism potion just for one more ult and little bit more sustain, so I swapped the position of Inner Light and Degen. Spell power potions should be fine and do dot differ much because Mystic Orb deals much more damage than degen. The best one I got with Spell power post is 96K

Alternative Skills :
Harness Magicka: t for more survivability
Channeled Acceleration: Replace Barbed Trap
Elemental Storm: Quick AOE burn

Mundus: Shadow

Food: Witchmother’s Potent Brew or
Artaeum Pickled fishbowl / Melon-Baked Parmesan Pork if you have no sustain issues

Race: High Elf in the video
Alternative choices: Breton / Dark Elf / Khajitt

High elf gives the highest DPS
Breton would be great if you are not in a group with good sustain buffs

It's a dynamic rotation. Magdk has DOTs with different CDs, making it difficult for a static rotation. The principle is to keep up DOTs / Buffs and reapplying them on time. If every DOT / Buff are up, use your spammable (Molten Whip)

Start-off with 3x Flames of Oblivion (Just for parse), Barbed Trap
Eruption - Unstable Wall - Engulfing - Embers - Degeneration / Mystic Orb - Whip x6
Unstable Wall - Standard, then reapply DOTs according to their priority

For the priority of DOTs / Buffs, Unstable Wall of Elements is the most important DOT to keep up, then Flames Of Oblivion, Eruption, Engulfing Flames. Degen and Burning Embers are less important so reapply them after the important ones if the fall at the same time.
For an easier rotation, you can always cast Engulfing and Embers together

Managing the priority of DOTs is important on Magdk. Sometimes multiple DOTs fall at the same time, so more practice is needed.
If you got 3 stacks of whip and your DOTs fall of, reapply the DOTs first, just make sure you use the 3 stacks whip before it expires.
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