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Etheria Statistics Type Boss Environment Surface AI Type Etheria AI Damage 70 / 100 Max Life 80000 / 100000 Defense 75 KB Resist 0% Inflicts debuff
Frostburn Frostburn
Debuff duration 5 seconds / 10 seconds Debuff tooltip It’s either really hot or really cold. Either way it REALLY hurts Inflicts debuff
Frostbite Frostbite
Debuff duration 5 seconds / 10 seconds Debuff tooltip The cold bites back!
Item (Quantity) Rate
Etherial Essence Etherial Essence
• 6-10

«You’re trapped in my world now.»

Etheria is a Hardmode post-Golem boss fought in anywhere at nighttime.


Spawn [ ]

Etheria, like most other bosses, does not spawn on her own and requires the player to summon her with the Emblem of Etheria during nighttime, or any time in the Etherial dimension.

Behavior [ ]

Etheria will float mid-air rapidly, dealing high-contact damage. As Etheria does this, it will barrage the player with a variety of attacks.

Attacks [ ]

In Expert Mode [ ]

In Etherial Dimension [ ]

After summoning her in the dimension, she retains her magical abilities but has new moves and her true form.




Pre-Hardmode Bosses [ ]

Dune Sharkron [ ]

Tasty Morsel

Dune Sharkron is an aggressive sand shark looking for his next meal. He has 2000 health (3500 + numPlayers*1500 in Expert mode) and is summoned with a Tasty Morsel during the Day. He can be fought outside the desert, but it has a different attack pattern when not swimming through sand. He periodically jumps at the player and shoots out spikes in all directions around himself. He is a very swift creature, so players without the ability to run should be well prepared for this fight.

Dune Sharkron’s loot is focused on the Magic and Summon classes, as those classes do not get much attention in the early game of vanilla Terraria. The crafting material dropped can be used to craft various accessories and weapons for these classes. The Expert Mode drop is the Pyramind, which increases Mana and max summons, and also makes the player unleash a sandstorm upon taking damage.

Hypothema [ ]

Chilled Mesh

Hypothema is a frost like boss who chills in the air. It has 3000 health (5000 + 2000*numPlayers in Expert mode) and is summoned with a Chilled Mesh in the Snow biome. She starts out by shooting icy shards and can moving around. She also shoots out a swift-moving projectile that can homes faster from the player and each of projectiles inflict Chilled and Frostburn debuff.

Hypotherma drops ice-related melee and ranged theme weapons and accessories, as well as the Frosted Flake in Expert Mode, which unleashes ice shards upon taking damage and increases melee and ranged crit by 8%.

Ragnar [ ]

Molten Mess

Ragnar is an Obsidium-like boss who burns you down with rocks. He has 3200 health (4400+numPlayers*800 in Expert mode) and is summoned with a Molten Mess in the Obsidium. He starts out by shooting rocks that explodes into multiple rock shards and can move around freely and will inflict On Fire! debuff. He will shoot more rocks and miniature rocks when below 25% life.

Ragnar drops vanilla-related weapons and accessories, as well as the Molten Core in Expert Mode, which makes all attacks inflict On Fire! debuff, increases throwing velocity and mystic duration by 30%, and unleases a burst of rocks upon taking damage.

Andesia & Dioritus [ ]

Ancient Awakener

Hardmode Bosses [ ]

The Annihilator [ ]

Steam O Vision

The Annihilator is a computer-like Steampunk boss who summons multiple mechanical minions. He has 60000 health (80000 in Expert mode) and is summoned with a Steam-O-Vision. He acts similar to the Brain Of Cthulhu and could be considered a Mech version of BoC. However, he doesn’t teleport around and also has tons of more summons.

The Annihilator drops Souls of Thought and Steam Bars, as well as the Cog of Knowledge in Expert Mode, which increases max minions by 2. This accessory can also be used to create Steamspark Jetboots, Hands of Time and the Steampunk Watch.

Slybertron [ ]

Steam Crown

Slybertron is a slime Steampunk boss who has 3 phases and shoots multiple steam-related projectiles. He has 60000 health (80000 in Expert mode) and is summoned with a Steam Crown. He can be considered the Mechanical variant of King Slime in appearance and movement.

Slybertron drops Souls of Fraught and Steam Bars, as well as the Pipeworks in Expert Mode, which increases throwing damage by 15% and throwing velocity by 25%. This accessory can also be used to create Steamspark Jetboots, Clockface and the Steampunk Watch.

Steam Train [ ]

Suspicious Train Whistle

Steam Train is a Steampunk boss who charges across the screen and shoots homing steam projectiles.. He has 60000 health (80000 in Expert mode) and is summoned with a Suspicious Train Whistle. Unlike the other Steampunk Bosses, the Steam Train is a unique boss.

Steam Train drops Souls of Wrought and Steam Bars, as well as the Steam Tank in Expert Mode, which increases Mystic damage by 12%, increases movement speed by 25% and jump height by 2. It also reduces the cooldown between Mystic Bursts. This accessory can also be used to create Steamspark Jetboots, Time Winder and the Steampunk Watch.



The Mystic is a class that the Enigma mod implements to the game. The Mystic class’ weapons, armor, and accessories focus on providing three modes while still dealing mystic damage.

The class used three modes on each of mystic items. Whenever using these items while on these modes, they can be provided within three attacks and have the damage type, mystic which can be used against from enemies.

The Mystic class is fully developed, with content spread throughout the game. This includes 5 armor sets, 16 accessories, 7 buffs and 11 items.


Mechanics [ ]

Mysticism Modes [ ]

All mystic weapons have three mysticism modes with each buff accompanied to Potentia system: Destruction, Conjuration, and Illusion. These modes have unique special abilities while using mystic weapons:

When a Potentia runs out on a weapon, most weapons just stop being able to create projectiles. However, some are still able to function in Mystics Mode beyond firing a projectile. Examples of weapons that can function are Mystic Swords, which still swing even if they run out of Potentia, and Mystic Ranged weapons, which will consume ammo upon running out of Mystica and shoot them like a normal ranged weapon (but with Mystic damage).

Potentia [ ]

Potentia is a new mechanic system that appears while holding a mystic weapon. To switch them, use the hotkey while holding any mystic item. Each Mysticism has its own Potentia: Lux for Destruction, Vis for Illusion, and Mundus for Conjuration. Potentia does not regen[by default]- the only way to get it back up is to use the other Potentias. Using 1 Potentia refills the other 2 by 50% [This can be buffed] of the amount used each. It separates from mana, making it a tempting choice for another class’ backup. The maximum amount of Potentia (Or individually, Max Lux, Max Vis, or Max Mundus) can be buffed with accessories.

Overflow [ ]

Potentia has a Overflow percentage where they can be recharged by using the other Potentias to over 100%. The default bonus amount is 25%, but this can be increased to any amount (It’ll start to look weird on the UI if it’s too far over an extra 100%). Projectiles cast using Overflow can be made to have special effects, such as dealing more damage, inflicting a debuff, etc, or just even firing additional projectiles.

Mystic Damage [ ]

The Mystic’s weapons hit with a specific damage type called mystic damage. Accessories and armor can be used to augment mystic damage output and provide generic ‘damage’ buffs alongside their three modes of attacks to increase damage significantly.

Mystic Duration [ ]

Mystic Duration will increase the duration of debuffs applied to enemies while using the Illusion mysticism. This will affect the lifespan of all Mystic projectiles, making it extremely useful for Conjuration.

Mystic Burst [ ]

There are some accessories that trigger the effects upon changing Mysticisms (if it is off cooldown). The cooldown is now visible if it is active, so players can definitively see when they will Burst again (You also get the «Recharged» sound effect, like when your mana hits full or when swords are able to shoot projectiles again). The Cooldown Rate can be buffed by accessories.



Hypothema Statistics Type Boss Environment Snow biome AI Type Hypothema AI Damage 40 / 80 Max Life 3000 / 5000 + 2000*numPlayers Defense 8 KB Resist 100% Drops Coins 12 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Snow Block Snow Block
• 30-60
Ice Block Ice Block
• 30-60
Frost Shard Frost Shard
• 1-2
Ice Boomerang Ice Boomerang
Ice Blade Ice Blade
Ice Skates Ice Skates
Snowball Cannon Snowball Cannon
Blizzard in a Bottle Blizzard in a Bottle
Flurry Boots Flurry Boots
Treasure Bag %28Hypothema%29 Treasure Bag (Hypothema)
• in Expert Mode only
Etherial Frost Etherial Frost
100% in Etherial

Hypothema is a Pre-Hardmode boss that must be fought in the snow biome. She is considered a biome-specific boss for the Snow biome.


Spawn [ ]

Hypothema does not spawn on her own, and requires the player to summon her with a Chilled Mesh. She can only be summoned while the player is in the snow biome.

Behavior [ ]

Hypothema has 3 movement phases:

She switches between these attacks periodically, in the described order. Once she has finished the Dashing phase, she loops back up to Hovering and starts again.

Attacks [ ]



Obsidium on map

Map view of the Obsidium

Not to be confused with the vanilla terraria tile, obsidian.

The Obsidium is an underground biome found at the middle of the cavern layer, directly under the spawn point where it extends all the way to the Underworld. The player can enter the Obsidium by digging straight down from his or her spawn point. It is composed of several large masses of Obsidium Rock half-buried in the Lycoris and Radiata, with deposits of Obsidium Ore interspersed within it and Hellstone Ore that only spawns from outside of the middle heart-shape one. New structures with Obsidium Chests can be found within near the lava; they contain their own assortment of unique loot.

The Obsidium is a new biome which is added by the Enigma Mod. It is always towards the bottom of the cavern layer, directly under the player’s spawn point where it extends all the way to the Underworld. The player can easily reach the Obsidium by digging a hellevator straight down from their original spawn point. The biome’s shape is of a heart with a little triangle at the bottom, the part which leads to the underworld. The Obisidium has many unique enemies, a unique boss as well as unique loot and tiles. The Obsidium is mainly comprised of obsidium rock and obsidian as well as abundant amounts of Obsidium Ore.


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