English Course for Beginners (46). Full Immersion. Learn English in 1 Hour. New Technique: StoryAsk

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English course for beginners. Full immersion. Learn English in one hour using your intuition. A new natural approach!


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① Your objective for every lesson: to understand 100% of what I say.
② Follow my instructions TO THE LETTER!
③ My objective for every lesson: to make myself 100% understandable.

It’s easy!

Welcome to StoryAsk, a complete English course for beginners. It is ‘full-immersion’ - I ONLY speak English - and you will have a one hour free English lesson every week with a highly-qualified and experienced English teacher. Students who watch StoryAsk will learn English faster than traditional English grammar courses because it uses a natural approach. If you want to know how to learn English faster, then StoryAsk is the answer (by the way, we work on your subconscious so you don’t know that your are learning). With this new method you will remember English words easily because you will decode their meaning (you can not forget something that you have decoded!) StoryAsk is by far the best way to learn English currently available on the Internet. With this English course for beginners you will ‘acquire’ the English language rather than ‘learn’ it. StoryAsk mirrors the same approach that children use to learn their first language. Do one StoryAsk lesson every week and watch your English improve naturally and without effort.

Please comment, suggest, like, subscribe and ask any questions you want. I am here to help you on your English language learning journey. Good luck!

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