DMBL PHNX Kemper Profile Pack

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The DMBL PHNX Kemper Profile seeks to capture the sound of a clone of a Dumble Ultra-phonix modified Bassman. The Ultra Phonix mod is known to produce more gain and more depth and breathe compared to the unmodified donor amp. This is my personal favorite of all the “Dumble” amps we have done! (Or maybe tied with the String Singer) The Normal channel is a complex 3D clean to classic rock gain. We’ve captured profiles with the bright switch on and off and voiced profiles with both more and less Midrange. The “High Gain” channel is warm and thick sounding and if true D fashion sings for leads.
33 Studio Profiles

N - Normal
HG - High Gain
B - Bright
M - Mids
+ - KLON
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