Destiny 2 - New BEST Void Titan PvP Build Season of Arrivals (2020)

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Intro - 00:00
Fundamentals - 00:44
Subclass - 03:43
Weapons & Armor - 07:42
Exotic Pairings - 12:24

What's going on fellow Guardians? In today's video we take a DEEP dive into one of my personal BEST subclasses, the Sentinel Subclass for Titans! This subclass is an absolute top tier pick inside of the crucible and I think it gets overshadowed by it's Striker brethren. The Void Subclass offers a TON of utility inside of Destiny 2 PvP and this video will help you optimize the class and understand the build so you can slay out inside of the Crucible! This subclass is great to take into Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner as well, it's very well rounded and solid for all aspects of PvP. Enjoy!

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