Destiny 2 New Best Hunter Build PvE - Instant Super

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This new best hunter build will give you an Instant super after casting the first one!

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0:00 Wauw Instant Super Charge
0:14 What do you need for the Build
2:25 How the Build works
3:44 Things you can Switch out
4:34 Warlock build - Infinite Wells of Radiance

This build is kinda crazy and brings me back to the days of old Shard of Galanor,
when those gauntlets would give you a full super if you hit enough stuff.
Its very easy to setup and the only hard part seems to be getting your Super to hit enough stuff

The main way of this build is with 4x charged with light and Dodge to get the
remaining super for your second super and third and so on.

But you can also replace Taking charge or Sustained charge for Supercharged
so that you can get an Instant super back when you cast the first one.
but keep in mind when you run the build like this that it will be harder
getting more super after you cast the first 2 because you have less
ways of getting charged with light.

Anyway if you need more build then look around on my channel i have a few more build laying around ;)
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