Destiny 2 - Best PvP Hunter Build Rifle Meta (Destiny 2 Arrivals Best Hunter Build For PvP)

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Destiny 2 Best PvP Hunter Build Rifle Meta and the Destiny 2 Arrivals Best Hunter Build For PvP. This is a PvP Hunter build that is built many new seasonal mods like High-Energy Fire. This mod gives you a general weapon damage boost for having Charged with Light. CWL can be obtained fairly easily with a few other seasonal mods that will be described below. This build also takes advantage of the many seasonal artifact mods available to pulse rifles and auto rifles this season. This build is my best Hunter build for Crucible, Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and general PvP. You can use most of this build on any class, but there are multiple subclass perks from Way of the Sharpshooter that are very good for it.

Your armor mods are standard with a focus on pulse rifles and building Charged with Light (CWL) for High-Energy Fire, which gives about a 20% weapon damage boost. Make sure you have high recovery while also having room for the 4 main CWL detailed above. This will allow you to get stacks of CWL from picking up an orb of light or getting rapid kills with Pulse Rifles. You can alternatively use Quick Charge for shotgun rapid kills or Precision Charge for sniper rapid kills for CWL. The artifact mods are very strong, but are specific to Season of Arrivals and will change next season.

This build is a standard defensive Hunter build that uses pulse or auto rifles as your main weapon; as such, you must maintain good awareness and use of your surrounding cover while maintaining good sightlines. Secondly, this build uses Charged with Light to boost weapon damage with High-Energy Fire, which gives a significant and long-lasting weapon damage boost. Thirdly, it takes advantage of many of the Season of Arrivals Artifact mods that help Pulse and Auto rifles, making them much more competitive against Hand Cannons. Fourthly, it uses a few great and synergetic perks from the Hunter Way of the Sharpshooter subclass; namely Knock ‘Em Down for better stability and handling on kills, and Practice Makes Perfect that gives super energy on headshots for easily getting 3 supers a match.

Your specific weapon choice depends on your level of experience and preference. Vigilance Wing is a good middle-ground for close range, long-range, time to kill, and ease of use. Cold Denial is for high-level players for its better potential time to kill, but more punishing misses. Bygones is easy to use and controllable, but worse time to kill. Auto rifles are a shorter range, better time to kill and easy to use weapon type. The goal is to use guns that use the various rifle based artifact mods and give you plenty and consistent headshots to trigger Knock ‘Em Down and Practice Makes Perfect. Your special and heavy weapon is your preference and should be weapon combination and map-based. I prefer 72 RPM snipers as they will 1 shot body shot with High-Energy Fire.

Knucklehead Radar might seem like an odd choice for an exotic but works very well for this build’s gameplay. Because you are using a defensive rifle, you will be aiming down sights a lot. Being able to see your radar while aiming down sights will allow you to fully pre aim corners and sightlines, which gives you a better chance to hit and control your first shots.
Use you super whenever you get it so you can get 3 supers a match. Remember that you have no extra resistance in Golden Gun, so use it cautiously.

If you have a question about my Destiny 2 Best PvP Hunter Build Rifle Meta and the Destiny 2 Arrivals Best Hunter Build For PvP, leave a comment below.

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