Cory Wong Guitar Course Lesson [3 of 20] How To Play Like Cory Wong

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Cory Wong has propelled a mastery of rhythm playing to a platform that has made everyone in the guitar world stand up and listen. How often do we come across a virtuoso player who would prefer a 24 bar rhythm groove on a single chord, then a face-melting solo 24 bar solo!

In this player study, we take a deep dive into his style, building up from the basics to ensure you have the roots and foundation laid first, then work towards blistering 16th note grooves. You'll have the ability to choose which beat you accent to influence the groove of the track, the chords you need to play to get the Cory sound, as well as the super-advanced pentatonic harmony techniques and 32nd note flashes that take your rhythm chops to the next level.

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In unit 1 we learn the exact steps you need to master your 16th note strumming, accents and placements. This will give you the tools to start to control your strumming hand and influence the songs you are jamming through. We develop that non-stop movement with the right hand, as well as the key techniques the left hand needs to keep up! We have a wide range of exercises, culminating in one mega exercise that you can put into your rhythm practice every single day.

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Above all, keep learning and keep having fun! ????????????
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