Build an EXTREMELY tiny RC Truck & Obstacle Course - *You Can Drive On!*

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I’ve built many different dioramas and model railroad modules over the years and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to shrink down and walk around inside some of them! At the moment shrink rays haven’t been invented so the next best thing is to drive a tiny RC vehicle through them instead!

If you too want to have a go at building something like this I can definitely recommend this model as a starting point, it’s relatively easy to build and it’s lots of fun to drive around! You’ll find this kit at

00:00 Intro
01:00 RC Truck Parts List
01:57 Nord VPN Sponsorship
03:17 Prepare & Paint
04:14 Rear Axle Gearbox
05:25 Front Axle Assembly
06:53 Servo & Power Switch
07:30 Wiring & LEDs
08:20 Painting & Weathering
09:23 Laser Cutting Windows
10:38 Main Body Assembly
11:05 Final Paint & Weathering Effects
11:56 Adding 3D Printed Details
12:28 Charing The Battery
12:47 Building The Obstacle Course
13:15 Mapping the Course
13:58 Road Elevation
14:40 Forming The River & Adding Contours
15:22 Sculpt-It Modelling Mix
16:51 Building Bridges
18:12 Painting Rocks
18:33 Painting The Ground & Adding Dirt Texture
19:34 Scenic Glue Mixture
20:15 Painting & Detailing The River
20:20 Installing Bridges & Highlighting The Roads
21:14 River Pour (Resin)
23:34 Static Grass
24:38 Ground Texture & Foams
25:46 Road Tracks & Markings
26:09 Adding Ripples to The River
26:55 Suspension Bridge
28:01 Trees & Bushes
28:31 Closing Shots
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