BDO (Nova) (Succession) PVE Combo Optimize attempt 2 : CONSOLE FRIENDLY!!

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#bdosea #nova #blackdesertonline #bdonova #novasuccession
you can use Command: Opening to make the pawn + axian hit enemy that within your target range
you can change the skill arrangement from shift+lmb - shift+rmb
to shift + rmb - hold rmb (which is cancel the shift+lmb)
credit to BIGNIG12K#9438 for reminding me

there, i make some adjustment from the pre-awaken combo, its barely same, you can adjust accordingly based on where you grind.

My Current stats at the moment
Pre AP 286 (Kutum) (TET BS)
Awaken AP 290 (Kutum) (Dande)
DP 359 (Kutum)

Gear =
Accu, DR, EVA =
Add ons (pve)(succ)=
Main Crystal =

will add more RBF Montage(maybe not montage, since I bad at it), PVE (mostly), NW/Siege POV
hope you like it, if not, just enjoy the music at least
press like or dislike to help motivate me, also subsakaribe thank you!

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