Among Us but LEADER | Among Us (Ench Version) [Mod/Texture Pack]

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Many of you heard about Among Us - space-themed multiplayer game. But not many of you may know that Among Us has a lot of mods - texture packs, sound packs, languages etc.
So I made PGEV (Peer Gynt Ench Version) and Project Arrhythmia Discord based mod for this game, it's called "Among Us (Ench Version)"

In this mod, instead of crewmates and impostors, there's Enches and Leaders! Enches have to complete all the tasks or eject all Leaders. Leaders have to lead all Enches.
In the first version of the mod, only "The Skeld" map has major changes. Tasks and environment are now pink-styled and have Project Arrhythmia easter eggs.

Download links:
- Windows (Mediafire):
- Windows (MEGA):

- Android (Mediafire):
- Android (MEGA):

Latest Windows mod version -
Latest Android mod version -

All installation instructions are in the video.
0:00 - Among Us (Ench version)
0:49 - Introduction
0:50 - Windows installation
1:40 - Android installation
2:07 - Important information about updates
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